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Adam began to set off, and Maynard didn't want to lag too far behind. He hefted the dufflebag a few inches above the groud, letting the canvas straps fall to the crook of his elbow. He looked at the naginata again, and gingerly knelt down to pull it up from the sand.

"Uh...I guess if I sort of half-drag it with me and tell you if it's getting too much then I should be fine," he said, wrapping his fingers around the handle, powdered with sand grains. He glanced over at Natali - she looked remarkably calm, given the situation that they were in. A good thing. Nervous wrecks wouldn't make for the most efficient team.

He didn't have time to linger on the hypocrisy of such a thought before he began to set off as well. Maynard could see that Adam had slowed his pace slightly - he'd been much faster when originally approaching him - and thanked him silently for it. Checking that Natali was close by, he began to follow in the marks made by Adam's boots.

Gwen, Daniel, Ian, Juhan...I'll find all of you.

((Maynard Hurst continued in Broken Down))
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