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"Alright," Adam said. "East it is. Let's go. Whoever's carrying that should just walk in back. Share it if it's too big."

He didn't really want to spend ages discussing the logistics of carrying Maynard's polearm. Yeah, they could probably come up with the most optimal manner of transport, but that could take a few minutes of fussing with the thing, and by that point they could've made some actual progress on getting somewhere. Especially if they were planning to look in areas with buildings, there would be time to rest and reconsider stuff later. Besides, the difficulties of carrying the thing would only become evident with experience dragging it along.

More than that, Adam was just ready to go. He had this idea that spending forever over-analyzing every little thing was the sort of activity Maynard and Natali loved to engage in during their free time, but with all their lives on the line, hobbies would have to take a backseat. There were important things to do, not the least being keeping moving so that he didn't have to spend too terribly much time musing over all of their inevitable violent murders.

Yeah, better to think of happy things, finding Paulo and Cooper and everyone else. They could have one last hurrah or something. That might make things better,

Since the sea was on one side of them, that meant the opposite direction was obviously east. Therefore, Adam didn't really need to wait and orient himself, instead setting off. He made sure to keep his pace slow enough to not lose the others, though. Wouldn't do to ditch 'em by mistake.

At least walking kept him too occupied to start tapping the sword again.

((Adam Morgan continued in Broken Down))
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