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"Uh...I have nowhere in particular. I mean, like you said, they just dumped us wherever. They could be right on top of us or they could be on the other end of the island. Wherever you go, I'll follow."

Maynard shifted his shoes against the sands that coated the shoreline. He was useless in a situation like this. Heck, when Natali had offered to help him with his naginata he'd accepted with a clap of the hands and a overly vehement "Yes!" Anyone watching would've thought she'd just confessed that she was in love with him.

Speaking of love...

There was Gwen. Gwen, the gothic girl who he'd met in a bookstore, the girl he'd fetched gelato and discussed poetry with, the girl who'd accompanied him to Prom. The girl who he felt understood him like no other he'd ever met. The girl who he... what would you call it? Was it a crush? It'd always felt like one, but maybe he was fooling himself again, as he always did. Nevertheless...

He'd find her. Protect her. Somehow. But, as Adam said, they'd been scattered all over the island, and if they were about to move everybody else was likely to take the same path. They'd meet up eventually, and everything would be okay then. Until then, though...

"Yep, let's get going," he said, tossing his backpack over his shoulder, before ungracefully pulling up the dufflebag. "I know we're liable to be attacked anywhere we go, but if we keep moving then...then it'd be better. I'll...get changed a bit later, when it's more c-convenient."

Oh, he was such a master of words. Maynard glanced over at the naginata, which still lay incongruously amongst the blanched grains of the shore. "Ready to help, Natali?" he smiled, hoping that would somehow make the task a little bit more tolerable. She seemed a nice girl, but he didn't know how patient she'd be with his lack of strength. Adam's patience appeared to be wearing then, so hers could be drained up at any second.
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