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"Nah," Adam said. "Nowhere specific. I think they put us wherever, so anyone could be anywhere."

That seemed pretty basic. He hoped Natali and Maynard weren't gonna make him do the heavy lifting when it came to thinking up plans and pointing out really obvious stuff. Long term wasn't awful, but it wasn't really Adam's forte, either. Common sense he could do, but it made him hate the world a little more whenever he had to. At least the piss thing had been mostly sorted, and Maynard had spare pants. He'd need to get changed at some point, but if he wanted to move out first, whatever. Adam wasn't gonna complain, at least not unless they stopped somewhere and the scent got particularly pungent.

As it was right now, Adam just wanted to get moving. The whole point of wandering out to the beach had been to move instead of thinking, and now that he had travelling companions he was realizing they were mostly slowing him down. Changing shoes wasn't a huge delay, but really? It wasn't like this was the place for fashion concerns. Adam had started tapping the sword against his leg really fast, but one swing impacted a little bit harder than the rest. He kept a frown off his face as he forced his hand to still. If he couldn't keep control of the thing, he'd need to put it in his bag, and then when they inevitably got jumped by some geek with a toothbrush shank, he'd have to waste time futzing around trying to pull out his blade. No, martial arts movies and professional wrestling had taught Adam that constant vigilance was absolutely vital. There was no telling when some bastard would pitch a folding chair at your head.

In a way, this whole Survival of the Fittest thing wasn't that different from a big tournament or a season's storyline. People fought and found rivals and made names for themselves, and it was all very dramatic, but at the end all that mattered was being the last one standing, the dog on top of the heap.

"You guys have any ideas where to go?" he asked. They could be democratic about the whole thing, and Adam really didn't care enough to vote. Well, unless they picked somewhere totally insane. He was sure there were places here it would be stupid to intentionally wander, and he wasn't quite convinced that Natali and Maynard wouldn't find them in a hurry.

But that was for the future. They had yet to prove themselves. Maybe they wouldn't mess up after all.
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