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"A hug, huh?" Maynard managed a half-smile as Natali caught up with him and Adam. "I don't think I'm...in the best position to be hugged right now. I uh...um...I...uh..."

Oh, now he was stammering and trailing off. He knew he oughtn't do so, but discussing wetting your pants with two people you weren't too familiar with while under the not-to-pleasant prospect of dying at any second wasn't exactly one he could have prepared for. He took a deep intake of air, and expelled the truth in a single breath.

"I...wet...myself. I don't think hugging me would be too pleasant an experience, I think."

He blinked, and rubbed his eyes. They were sore from tears and the glare of the mid-morning sun. "Oh, and I've got a change of pants with me, so you don't have to worry about the smell for too much longer."

It was then that Adam suggested that they move out of the open. Maynard was all up for that. If it meant that they might live a little longer, moving away from the beach was hardly a difficult choice. He glanced over at the canvas dufflebag and his own backpack, which lay several further feet away from it. It wasn't too heavy, so it wouldn't make leaving too difficult. They'd have left most of his stuff in there, right? What harm could a few books, extra clothing, and some pens do?

Then Adam said that there were some friends he wanted to find. Other athletic ones, probably. They all seemed to be a good sort. As long as they willing to let him tag along, he didn't care who they were.

"Sure! Let's get out of here. I um...I might need a little bit of help with this naginata thing. I'll be able to carry the other stuff though. I'm not entirely useless, I promise. And...friends, yeah - there'll be plenty others we can trust, right? Speaking of which, I know a few good sorts as well. If we can band together then we'll be able to do something to get out of here."
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