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B70, Joey Grey: START

Joey woke up from his deep slumber as his eye fought to open. He slowly became more aware of his surrounding and realize he was sleeping on the floor. The boy slowly sat up while looking around. His body ache in pain from being left on the floor. His mind was hazy and he wasn't able to remember anything.

Panic began to settle into the boy's head as he couldn't grasp at what was happening. He began to look around frantically. He notice that next to him was a black duffle bag with the white numbers B70 on it.

Next to it was a pair of long exotic blades that he has never seen before.

Then everything finally made sense to him. Memories came rushing back as Joey finally figure out what was happening.

He was on Survival of the Fittest.

His heart skip a beat while his mind and body went numb.

Oh god... Oh fuck please... Please... Please, please, pleeeeaaseee let this be a dream... This... Fuck... It can't be...

Tears crept up to Joey's eyes as he realize what was happening. This wasn't a dream and he was trap in the death game that was suppose to vanish years ago. He was going to die... He was going to die without accomplishing anything in his life. He friends were going to die. He was not going to be able to see his mom ever again. Someone he knew was going to put a bullet through his head and he'll never get the chance to accomplish anything.

Suddenly he heard a noise near him. As if something just hit the floor. Joey instantaneously stop moving as he focus all of his attention. He heard groaning and he suddenly realize that there was somebody very close to him in this room. His mind began racing on a solution.

His eyes once again fix to the two blades near the bag. At this point they were his only defense. He awkwardly lunge towards the blades near him as grasp and what he though were the handles. The blades clang loudly as Joey awkwardly stood up

"WHO'S THERE!?" he yell without a second though.

What now? Adrenaline began to pump through his body and fear overtook his mind. He lost his entire though process and now the boy was only panicking. There was somebody in this room. Somebody that might try to kill him. Joey wasn't ready to die. He wasn't. He was so utterly lost on what was happening and what to do. Was he going to have to fight? To kill?

The boy finally turn around to face his would be opponent. Much to his surprise it was only a girl sitting at a table while hiding her head in her arms.

He couldn't tell who the girl was. He was too much in a state of panic and confusion to determine who she was. Joey wasn't sure how to proceed. His hands grip the handles of his blades tightly as he stare at the girl.

What... What the fuck do I say now!?! What do I do!?!

He just stare at the girl with a face full of fear and panic. He open his mouth but he couldn't form any words.
While I am not taking the pledge myself, I suggest that everyone should give this a read.

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