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Smack. Slide. Grab. Snap. Munch. Pass.

Cassidy accepted the bar back, and tucked it into her pocket. She wasn't that hungry, and the last thing she need to do now was stuff her face so she couldn't speak. Everybody was putting everybody down emotionally. Elsewhere on the island they may have been putting each other down for the count.

The tension was so thick she could cut it with a toy boat.

Andi was in bitch mode. Stuff had gone to hell, but her behavior was not helping anything. She could have disagreed with Cassidy’s generosity without calling anybody an idiot or an animal. Her words were logical but her demeanor was annoying. She sounded like Regina George before she got hit by the bus. If Andi didn't want to stay with them, she was welcome to leave.

Cassidy hadn't quite collected herself to come up with any kind of response, but at least Gavin had thick enough skin to dismiss the insult. He seemed to know about guns too. Even if he didn't have one, any combat, firearm, or survival knowledge was immeasurably valuable here. Social skills and general communication left much to be desired, but Gavin was a much better ally than an enemy. Hopefully the food she’d given him would make him feel better physically and in trusting her.

Gavin was calm. Gray was calm. Cassidy was nearly calm. Andi was pushing everybody, she might as well have grabbed Gray’s arm and walked away with him.

“We can just put the gun away for now. It’s making me anxious and we don’t need it.” She looked to Gavin again. “I’m sure he’ll let you see it once you prove he can trust you. Until then let’s just call truce and figure out what we’re doing.”

The word “we” didn't quite suit this randomized group. They all did need to figure out what they were doing, but it wasn't specified whether or not they would be deciding or acting on that decision together.

The word “truce” didn't seem to fit either It seemed more appropriate for use in games like tag or duck, duck, goose. Don’t get me and I won’t get you. Keep your hammer to yourself and I won’t put a bullet in your face. The kids who grew up together in Seattle were playing their last game together.
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