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(G013: Jessica Murphy: START)

Jessica was never more thankful to have woken up in a bathroom than this point in time. Her instant reaction to waking up was nausea and the dry and abandoned toilet was the perfect solution.

There was a headache pounding behind her temples and none of it, the burning in her throat, the taste of bile, or the smell coming from the toilet in front of her and her shirt, were helping.

She covered her face with her hands for a moment, trying to block her nose from the horrendous smell. She felt weak, her tongue felt dry and burning. Her mind tried to wrap around the idea that puking wasn't the worst of her problems, but the thought felt so strange and abstract compared to the bite of acid in her throat.

Another wave of nausea hit her and more bile was gagged into the toilet bowl. It reminded her of when she had the flu when she was thirteen. Only then her mom had taken a few days off of work to help her. Here there was just her.

Oh frick.

The next round of spewing was from the memory of Mr. Davidge getting shot that was resurfacing. All that blood, and the man who laughed, it was awful.

Her stomach quieted, perhaps there being no bile left to throw up. She felt parched, although that may have just been due to the vomiting. She saw a bag a short distance from her.


She made it to the bag, crawling over a sledgehammer to make it there. She wondered briefly why there was a hammer in a bathroom, but couldn't work herself up to care about it. Right at the top of the bag was a bottle of water. She weakly opened it and took a few swallows.

The terrible taste faded, her headache was slightly less intense. She still felt weak.

She would drink some more in a minute.

She rested back against the tiled wall.

So much worse than Disneyland...
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