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Katy had broken Yaz's nose. Yaz had thought as much with the pain her face was in but she had hoped it was just hurt badly. But Katy was the one who did all the fighting so Yaz was sure she knew what she was talking about.

Yaz would have given anything to have something good happen to her at that point, it was obvious Katy wasn't going to apologise for what she had done. Despite being completely in the wrong, but Yaz didn't expect anything less. Katy had always struck her as a girl who embraced the whole "only the strong survive" mantra. In that sense Survival of the Fittest was perfect for her. Yaz didn't quite know why the girl that had bullied her on the island and had just attacked her was now helping her, but it was probably due to guilt. It was one of the benefits of being small at least, everyone felt bad for you if you got hurt.

Katy placed a bottle of ibuprofen in front of her. She didn't hand it to her, that would have come too far under helping for Katy. Yaz accepted the offer anyway. She picked up the ibuprofen and pretended to read the label as she watched what Katy was doing. The bigger girl was wrapping her hand up in gauze.

"What did you do?" Yaz asked as she tipped two of the tablets out into her palm. She pulled her bag off the desk with her free hand and liberated a bottle of water from it; taking a sip to help wash the tablets down. She put the cap back on the bottle and put it down in front of Katy and dug out her own first kit.

It contained a pack of sterile wipes, which would be the best bet for cleaning up her face. She used one to clean up all the blood that had ended up smeared on her face during the commotion and threw it away before pressing another up against her nostrils to try and stem the flow. It hurt to even do that.

The one comforting thing was that Katy too had ended up with an injury.
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