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Katy caught Yaz by the chin and lifted her face so she could better see her nose in the light. Katy was sure she was being rough. She was also sure she didn't really care.

Yaz's face was swelling up, bad.

"Yeah, that's probably broken." God knew Katy had seen enough at Warren's MMA.

Katy had the first-aid-kit open by now, and she reached in with one hand, extracting a roll of gauze and a bottle of ibuprofen. There weren't any disposable cold compacts, which both of them really could have used right now.

Katy popped the bottle open with her thumb and set it down in front of Yaz.

"Read the label, take as many as you can. And find something to clean your face off with."

In the meantime, Katy took the gauze and started unrolling a strip; a bitch to do with one hand. When she had a long enough section, she cut it from the roll with her teeth and set to wrapping her hand, a process that made her eyes well up with pain.

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