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"That's your job," Adam said. "I don't do hugs."

He especially didn't do hugs if they came with piss. Maybe, just maybe, if babies were involved and he was wearing bad clothes, and even then it was a real long shot. Here, when he only had the spares he'd brought for the trip? No way. He hoped Maynard had kept track of his own personal bag, so he could change later. Otherwise, Adam would have to lend him some clothes. Of course, even putting aside the difference in their heights, doing so would be tough, because he couldn't exactly come out and say that he knew what had happened. That would humiliate Maynard, and the boy didn't need a side order of shame to go with his inevitable-death shake. But then, going, "Dude, wanna borrow my pants?" out of nowhere didn't leave a very good impression either.

This would've been way easier if Paulo had been here. He'd've just flat out been the asshole and brought it into the open, and then they could've moved on. Paulo was out there, somewhere, Paulo and Cooper and some of the other guys (and girls, since Mallory had started coming around. Adam really wasn't sure how he felt about that. It wasn't like he was ideologically opposed to fighting girls, just, the logistics of it sounded like they'd be really... awkward). It would be good to find his friends, especially since they knew how to take care of themselves. Adam knew the guys, knew they wouldn't give in to this bullshit.

So, come to think of it, why were they standing around here, talking about hugs and staying in one place? There was ground they could be covering, right now. They could be making progress, finding Paulo and Cooper, and Adam didn't want to wait on that a second longer than absolutely necessary. The tapping of his sword was picking up pace. He had a sheathe for it, but that was still in his pack. No sense messing around getting a weapon out if someone was already coming in screaming bloody murder.

"Guys," Adam said, "I think we should go find more people. I've got some friends I'd like to find."
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