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Cassidy immediately offered Gavin an energy bar.

It took Gray a few seconds to try and figure out her line of reasoning. He had been distracted by the fact she'd had a toy boat in her bag. It must have been her weapon, in which case that was some bad luck. So she didn't have a gun, but that didn't stop her offering Gavin the energy bar.

It was such a strange leap of logic. Gavin had his own bag, which meant he had his own food. So why did Cassidy think he needed some of hers? Maybe she thought it would help her gain an ally.

Gray noticed Andi give him a look, and then in one quick motion she knocked the bar out of Cassidy's hand and glared at her. Gray was slightly surprised but he didn't show it. He could follow Andi's reasoning, Gavin walking straight up and asking about a gun was suspicious. Especially when his reputation at Aurora was taken into account, granted she was being harsh about it but it wasn't like that was anything new for Andi as far as Gray was concerned. It was clear that Andi didn't want anything to do with Gavin though.

Gavin on the other hand was being very polite and peaceful about the whole thing. If anything it was too polite. The language far too formal and measured. Before he had even really finished speaking Gavin turned to Gray and started speaking again. The he talked was weird, simultaneously too friendly and condescending. Gray had the strong suspicion Gavin was trying to make himself sound smart by the way he figured out where Gray was keeping the pistol. It wasn't that impressive, when you considered Gray's pack had in fact come with a manual for using said gun that'd he had a quick read over. So he knew his gun was loaded and he knew the safety was on. Plus it didn't take a genius to work on that the safety actually read off and on. So if anything it was a little insulting.

Then he asked if Gray would actually give him the gun. Gray couldn't help smiling at the bluntness of it. There was no way he was giving Gavin the gun. The guy dressed like he was in the Matrix. There was no fool me once in Survival of the Fittest either; you couldn't take a chance like that. Gray would struggle to justify it if it was just him and Gavin, but with the chance two others could get caught up in the bloodshed if Gavin just decided to turn the gun on them, no way Gray was not going to take that risk.

Gray passed the rock over to his left hand and withdrew the gun with his right, being careful to hold it so that his fingers weren't on the trigger.

"I think I got it under control," He said as he turned it so Gavin could see the safety was on, before putting it back. "And don't take this the wrong way but I am not giving you the gun."
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