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Armed and Unsafe
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Shooting somebody with a gun was an act that Gavin found utterly abhorrent. It was irresponsible, cowardly, and simply unsporting. Bashing somebody over the head with a lead pipe, on the other hand...

No, he wasn't going to go down that road. This wasn't Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Andrea wasn't Princess Peach, despite the more than passing resemblance. Instead, Gavin brought his lead pipe slowly down off his shoulders and used the end to flick the energy bar towards him, and then knelt and scooped it off the floor with his free hand.

"Thank you very much." He said sincerely to Cassidy while tearing the wrapper open. The bar was like a brick, so dense that it took him a second to break it in half. The smell almost made him feel delirious, and with a start he realised just how hungry he was.

Makes sense. He thought, closing the wrapper around the spare half and tossing it back to Cassidy before biting into his own half. I'll bet the terrorists never bothered to feed us for the days that we were unconscious. After all, why waste resources on walking corpses?

While he chewed, Gavin debated how best to deal with Andrea. He'd already pegged Grey as essentially harmless, and Cassidy was clearly a nice person who was in no way a threat. Andrea, however, was trouble. In other circumstances her attitude would've annoyed him, but his internal logic told him that responding in kind would just cause an argument.

Subsuming his irritation, Gavin instead drew on the reserves of tranquillity that a decade and a half in the school system had built up in him. He drew a deep breath then turned his gaze on Andrea.

"I'm not here to start a fight; you don't need to be so aggressive. I know you're frightened and angry, but you aren't going to get any kind of relief by trying to provoke me. I'm just trying to stay sane and in control, I hope you can respect that desire."

Before giving Andrea a chance to answer, Gavin quickly turned his attentions towards Grey. "Since I can't see a holster on you, I'm guessing you've got that gun tucked down the back of your pants, probably with the safety catch off and a round in the chamber knowing how stupid these terrorists are when it comes to handling firearms. I know you don't have much reason to trust me yet, but if you let me inspect it I promise to give it back, maybe even give you a few tips on how to use it without suffering Vanishing Buttocks syndrome if you like."
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