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Andi's otherwise forced smile softened slightly following Gray's replied, twisting into something somewhat more genuine. While she couldn't consider him a friend, it had been the first they'd spoken since the incident at the track and she couldn't deny that there was something comforting about running into a familiar face, despite their colorful past. It didn't hurt that she knew for a stone cold fact that he was about as dangerous as an infant.

"I've been practicing," She said, offering a shrug before affixing her gaze on Cassidy. While they'd never really spoken in depth, Andi couldn't exactly say she was fond of the girl. Maybe it was petty, especially in a murder game, but she couldn't help being annoyed by her, despite what little she knew about her. She'd heard about the dramatics between her and Owen Veveris and her melt-down and while she was normally highly entertained by drama of any kind, after awhile it just gets embarrassing. Maybe there was just a personality clash, maybe she just didn't like her because she was thin and pretty, but no matter what it was, Andi hoped she wouldn't have to deal with her for long. There were holes all over the island she was sure Cassidy could run and crawl in.

Before getting the chance to inquire about their plans or the like, a fourth person made his appearance known and Andi couldn't help but wonder if God had forsaken her all together.

Gavin Hunter was not someone she was comfortable being around, especially with the very likely possibility that her classmates would be playing the game. Even back in Aurora, he was very much the cookie cutter ideal for a school shooter, walking around in his dumb as fuck trench coats with his greasy ass hair constantly talking about guns and making creepy passes on girls. Evidently Murder Island had not changed him, exposing all of his zero social tact as he greeted them with an inquiry about their weapon designations while hoisting a huge pipe over his shoulder. She couldn't see anything but red flags.

Gray responded in the affirmative, which surprised even Andi whom had just been given a hammer, whilst Cassidy, bless her heart, moved to check her bag for the very first time since waking up. Andi, on the other hand, said nothing as she stood with her arms crossed over her chest as the bore into Gavin. She didn't trust him, not in Aurora and definitely not here. Quickly, she shot Gray a cautioning glance, as if to tell him to expect something while Cassidy returned to the conversation with a gem of stupidity; offering Gavin food and essentially telling him she was unarmed.

In one motion, Andi smacked the energy bar Cassidy tossed to the ground and shot her an irritated glare.

"Are you an idiot?" She spat, a look a disbelief passing over her features, "You don't give a stray food or else they'll never leave."

Cassidy was free to do whatever she wanted, she could run off and get mauled by a bear for all she cared, but she wasn't going to let her idiocy take Andi down with her. She didn't know about Cassidy, nor did she really care to know, but Andi had something waiting for her back home and there was no way she was going to let some reject like Gavin be the death of her. Not when she had so much to lose.

Focusing her attention once more on Gavin, Andi let her hands drop to her side, making sure Gavin took note of the hammer in her hand. It was small, but if worse came to worse, it was no different than swinging a bat, right?

"I think I saw one at the other side of the island, Gavin, so why don't you beat it and go check there?"

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