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Natali Greer...someone who was once just another face in the hallway had now become of extremely heightened importance in Maynard's mind. He knew little of the girl, save for the fact that she was quite the capable swimmer. Adam and her...both of them were athletic. And then there was Maynard. He knew that he was not the most reliable of teammates when it came to sporting ability, but there had to be something he could bring to the table, right? Even if it was just this hefty spear-like weapon.

Adam looked so composed, a contrast to Maynard's tear stained cheeks and soiled pants. He noted the brief glance the other boy gave to his jeans, and felt immediately ashamed. Tears were probably the order of the day, but pissing yourself...not something Maynard could explain too easily.

"I...I'm alright, Adam. I mightn't look it, but I...I'm fine."

Maynard attempted to smile, but the effort proved too much. He looked over towards Natali, and the crowbar she carried with her. Two blades and a blunt instrument. If they could work together, form an alliance...somehow, he knew that they'd be well protected. Against...against whatever might come their way.

"Natali...come over here. You'll be safe with us, I promise."

Promises. Things that were probably going to be broken time and time again on this hell-hole of a place they were in. But Maynard had no intention of breaking this one. The three of them would do something...somehow. Even if it was just stick together until the end.

But of course, that's not how it always worked out.
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