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The response was instantaneous, Yaz felt the person drop all their weight across her forcing all the air out and then there was a driving pressure on her throat.

As Yaz's vision returned fully she saw Katy Warren's face leering back at her. Katy who bullied her at school had attacked her now, during Survival of the Fittest. She was the worst person Yaz could have met and judging by the welt on the side of her face Yaz had hit her hard, and made her angry.

She was threatening her about finishing what she had started, putting an exclamation point on the statement by dropping more weight onto her throat.

Yaz couldn't breathe. The force of Katy dropping onto her, combined with the shoulder being driven into her neck made it impossible to get any deep breaths. Yaz could feel herself start to get slightly lightheaded and her eyes started to water.

Katy asked if she was going to calm down and Yaz not being able to move her head, or speak properly; only managed a weak "Yes."

It sounded weak and Yaz hated it, Katy was always the one who was picking on her for being weak, for being shy. Katy was the type of person Yaz thought she had left behind when she joined Aurora, but instead was just further proof that there were bullies everywhere.

"Please...get off me."
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