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Did this little whore just...

Katy's face, on the right cheek, was burning. Yaz had just panic-flail punched her. Katy could already feel it beginning to swell.

What happened next was surprisingly restrained, for Katy. She sprung off her haunches and scooped her left arm under Yaz's neck, driving her shoulder into her face as hard as she could while simultaneously dropping her weight down hard, sprawling across Yaz's chest. She had her fully pinned now, no doubt driving much of the air from her lungs as she made her 125 pounds feel like a lot more.

"You bitch, I swear to God if you do that again I will finish what I fucking started."

Katy finished that by driving more weight into Yaz's throat through the point of her shoulder.

"Are you going to calm the fuck down or do I have to get serious?" She snarled. She could feel her face and especially her right hand burning as if someone had taken a match to them. Her right hand didn't seem to want to open or close correctly.
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