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Cassidy took a few more deep breaths to regain control of her emotions. She'd woken up in hell alone just ten minutes ago, and all seemed lost. Now people were starting to find others and talk. Things hadn't gone to shit just yet, nobody was dead yet. Now that she thought of prom and the last few weeks of school, she couldn't even imagine the class turning against one another.

Deep breaths. Things were bad, but she had others now. Not everyone was trying to kill her, that was nice. Gray was hard to read, not very expressive. He seemed glad to have found somebody. He seemed even happier when Andi came, but she didn't take it personally. She didn't know exactly what their relationship was, but the potential of becoming a third wheel was now present. Bigger numbers were bigger numbers, but being the odd girl out was something else. She'd see where this went.

As they conversed, she looked around uncomfortably. It seemed they had some kind of history, which was more than she did with either. Whatever was happening, she wasn't a part of. She glanced around the gazebo, hoping to see somebody she knew better. There was Gavin Hunter.

Looking scary as ever, the kid was walking towards them. He didn't look dangerous, but she didn't want any surprises. He called out, asking if anybody had a gun.

Apparently Grey did. And Gavin probably didn't since he was asking. Did she have a gun? She hadn't even looked in her bag yet. She held a finger up towards him and went over to check her own G009 bag. She pulled it out from under the bench and dropped it on top. Pulling the zipper, she rummaged. First aid kit, energy bar, energy bar, energy bar, paper?

She pulled out the paper and turned it over.

Toy Boat.

She narrowed her eyebrows and went back to the bag, feeling something hard and plastic. She pulled it out and her fears were confirmed. At least she didn't have anything dangerous to tempt her into doing the unthinkable.

She turned to Gavin and held up the bath toy. It's color had faded from water damage and use. This toy was well loved by it's owner. "No gun here." She dropped it back into the bag and removed one of the bars before zipping it closed.

"Here," She tossed the bar his way before she started walking towards him. "Split this with me. You're not looking so good."
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