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Yaz felt something prod her.

Her attacker was still in the room after all.

Another nudge. Yaz didn't want to acknowledge it but it had been slightly harder than the first one. Her hearing and vision were slowly returning too, although spots danced across her eyes and there was a painful ringing in her ears.

It was the worst experience of her life. Her back hurt, there was a pain that flashed across her face every time she breathed through her nose, and her nose was bleeding badly and she openly sobbing in front of this person.

Then she was being shaken.

"Sh-fuc-p, would you?"

Now normally Yaz wasn't a violent person, in fact violence never crossed her mind as a possible option in any given situation. But considering the situation she was in and the fact that point of SOTF was to have students kill each other she had one reaction to the shaking and that was to lash out at her attacker to get the person off of her. If anything the reaction was much closer to blind panic than anything pre-planned but Yaz could barely see or hear.

She was facing away from her attacker since she was lying on her left side but as she rolled over she threw her right hand out as hard as she could. She felt her fist connect with something hard.

Yaz wasn't fooling herself though, unless she got extremely lucky she could expect some retaliation.

She just hoped it wouldn't be any worse than what had already happened.
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