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Gray heard the yelp before he saw the person. Cassidy then stepped out from behind the statue. Gray had never had that much interaction with Cassidy if he'd had any at all. He knew she was a cheerleader though so that was a start; someone who did cheer-leading must have had decent fitness at the least. She also had her hands raised to make it clear she wasn't carrying any weapons; not that Gray had been expecting her too if the way she had called out was anything to go by. The way she started fanning herself was slightly weird though, although if that was how she was trying to calm herself down who was Gray to comment, he wasn't calm himself. He was just very good at looking relaxed.

She wanted to talk though, which was as good an idea as any. Gray could take a guess about the thing she wanted to talk about, probably some kind of partnership. It made sense, two people were safer than one and while Gray didn't know what Cassidy's weapon was he knew he had a gun and in most circumstances guns won fights. Not that Gray had any idea how to shoot straight or aim, but the presence of the gun itself would deter most attackers at the very least.

Gray was going to reply to Cassidy when he saw something out of the corner of his eye, before he could turn though a rock landed at his feet. It was quickly followed by a voice.

"Mind picking that up?"

Gray recognised the voice instantly, even though he hadn't heard it in a while.

It was Andi.

For some reason a smile crept across Gray's face.

"That was better aim than last time." He said as he bent down to pick up the rock, he turned it over in his hands a few time as he looked across to where Andi was standing. It was funny actually, that one of the first people he met on the island was Andi, and apparently she had noticed as well. Gray was well aware of how stupid the exchange was but it was a nice distraction from what was actually going on. For the whole of ten seconds.

Again Gray was going to say something when someone else walked over, a check once over told him it was Gavin Hunter...who immediately asked if anyone had a gun.

Never mind a greeting at all, just waltz right in with the heavy stuff. Any sense of calm Gray had managed to gain was destroyed by Gavin's appearance. He had heard the stories of Gavin being weird, because obviously who hadn't. It also didn't help that Gavin had decided that to go to Disneyland in the summer he needed a leather jacket and fingerless gloves. It was the kind of get-up you wore if you wanted people to pay attention to how 'different' you were. Gray wasn't one for social groups or standing but he knew how social interaction worked.

Gavin however did not. Gray knowing he himself had a gun just blinked a few times. He scratched the back of his neck as he thought through his response. He was thinking through his response because he knew what could potentially happen. In the end he decided that honesty was the best way to move forward. If he lied about the gun now it would just make it harder for them to trust him later.

Gray adjusted his beanie before giving Gavin a slight nod.

"I do."
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