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The explosion of the grenade blinded and deafened Yaz and she was terrified.

The next thing Yaz knew her wrist was being grabbed and she was viciously yanked forward. She felt something hit her foot before she fell and tumbled over, landing hard on her back. The impact of the landing knocked the wind out of her so she couldn't even muster a defence.

Then she felt something slam into her face. There was a sickening crunch and pain flared through her entire face quickly followed by her eyes starting to water. She did the only thing she could think of and curled into a ball. She wrapped her arms over her head expecting more punches but none came.

She was fully crying now. Something warm was flowing from her nose and she knew it was blood.

She still couldn't see and she still couldn't hear. The person who had attacked her must still have been in the room but Yaz didn't care, they'd stopped attacking her and that was the most important thing.

For all Yaz knew they could have stolen her pack and already have left. She whimpered slightly, her face hurt so much and if her attacker had stolen her pack she wouldn't even have any form of first aid.

Yaz wished she could just wake up in her bed. That she had just been dreaming and was having a nosebleed. But she knew that wasn't true, dreams didn't have any pain.

She whimpered again, she was trying not too in case the person was still in the room but it was hard not to.

She'd easily just had the worst minutes of her life and the worst part was it wasn't even close to over yet.
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