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** Andi Victorino, girl no. 1, start

Andi Victorino barely registered her surroundings as she trudged aimlessly through the Central Park. Her bag was slung over her shoulder and digging into the bare flesh, but she couldn't bring herself to care. Not about that or the sweat running down her face or the collar wrapped tightly around her neck. She couldn't care about any of it when she knew that back home her daughter was waiting for Mommy to come home. Andi hadn't even said goodbye. It was early when she left and she didn't want to wake Fiona. She didn't want her to be cranky. And she didn't want to have to feel guilty leaving when she knew for a fact Fiona would be upset if she saw her going. This was supposed to be her last hurrah, she thought, the last time she could be a kid before having to settle into motherhood. Fiona would see her in a week, she thought, she'd be fine for a week.

So stupid.

She was an idiot.

If she could take back all the times she'd forgone time with Fiona, she would have in a heartbeat. She would have been so different. She would have been a good mom, the kind that doesn't take their kid for granted. That selfish girl would have changed and been so different.

Andi clenched her fists tightly. She was being dumb. There was no way she wasn't getting home, it wasn't a choice.

A voice calling out broke Andi from her thoughts. It seemed friendly enough, if not a little desperate, but she clutched the hammer in her hand all the same as she searched for the owner. Keeping to the cobbled path, she soon found Gray Emerson and Cassidy Kant and had to stop herself from rolling her eyes. She decided when she woke up that the only people she could or, rather, wanted to trust were the girls on the Softball team. While Gray was someone she had history with, it wasn't necessarily the best history. Cassidy, on the other hand, was everything she hated in a girl. She watched as she fanned herself like some melodramatic soap star and cry.

It pissed her off.

What did she have to cry about? Andi had so much more to lose and there wasn't a tear in her eye, so why the fuck was Cassidy Kant crying?

Her face twisted in what could only be called disgust, but she shelved her pride as she approached the duo. She may have been scraping the bottom of the barrel, but safety in numbers and all that. They'd be useful at least until she could find some of the girls from the softball team.

Picking up a rock as she approached, Andi softly tossed it at Gray's feet and forced a smile, "Mind picking that up?"

She hoped the rock weighed enough to break the ice.

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