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Katy stormed the room, full of righteous indignation and not much sense. If she would have slowed down for just a second she would have seen she incapacitated a girl much, much smaller than her, with very little in the way of effective weaponry.

All Katy saw, however, was someone that was trying to fuck with her. She was a bull; this poor girl was just the torero's cape.

Katy's muscle memory gave some form of technique to the proceedings. She reached the girl and grabbed her by the wrist while simultaneously sticking her left foot foot out. Katy yanked, and Yaz pitched forward. Her instep blocked by a rough sasae tsurikomi ashi, the girl pitched over. Katy took her the rest of the way with a pivot of her body, and Yaz crashed to the ground.

Without even thinking, and with savage fire in her eyes, she fired her fight fist into the stunned girl's face. There was a pop, and dimly, Katy wondered if she had broken her hand.

Katy almost cocked back to throw another punch, but by then the adrenaline had burned low. And she could now see what she did. And to who.

Katy had given Yaz some grief over the year. She was a shrinking violet, weak, silent.

But even Katy knew this was excessive...extenuating circumstances or not.

"Jesus Christ." She said. She didn't even know if the girl could hear her.

She hoped to God that Daddy hadn't been watching.
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