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Yaz bent down and picked up the first aid kit, putting it on the desk, she quickly checked the door to make sure no one had heard her but it didn't look like it. She rifled through the rest of the bag but didn't find anything unexpected just food, energy bars, a torch and a survival guide. Yaz didn't even look in the survival guide she instead just threw it straight back into her bag. She didn't want it but and the same time she didn't want to get rid of it in case she needed it later.

In short she was involved in a game of death and her only defence against anyone of her classmates who wanted to hurt her was a pillowcase containing a rock. There had been a good reason not to open her bag after all. It had only depressed her more. At least they'd given her food at the least and a rock was better than nothing and if she could find a friend hopefully they'd have a better weapon, and someone would be less likely to attack two people.

Yeah that was what she would do, she'd meet up with someone or a group of people, and she’d be safe then.

She threw the pillowcase in her bag anyway; she didn't want to carry it around in the open.

It was at that point she heard something clatter onto the floor of the classroom. Yaz had to step around the desk to get a look at it, she instantly regretted her decision.

It was a grenade. Fear gripped Yaz in that instant but before she could react there was a blinding burst of light and a loud bang.

She didn't even have time to make a noise.
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