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The noise snapped Katy from her reverie. She was scared, but even more, she was pissed. She was trying to gather herself and someone had the fucking nerve to get started already?

That it wasn't anyone at all, or no one aggressive, or anything else didn't even cross Katy's mind. All she knew was something might have been a threat, she was nonplussed, and she had a flashbang in her hand.

She pulled herself to her feet, scooping up her bag and slinging it over her shoulder. She exited the classroom, looking for where the sound had come from.

There was another noise, slight, as if someone was trying to slowly move around. She moved to it, pressing herself against the frame of the door and trying to make her profile as small as possible.

Katy gritted her teeth and yanked the pin off her grenade with her free hand. The manual hadn't told her much than that, other than to not be in the area when it went off.

Katy pitched the grenade underhand into the classroom, plugged her ears, and waited for the bang.

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