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(G009, Cassidy Kant, Start.)

She’d woken up to the sound of his approach. She hadn’t even had time to realize the gravity of her situation. By the time she’d realized she was asleep on a gazebo bench AND in a fight to the death, she’d had to relocate to a hiding spot.

Cassidy gripped her knees and choked down the sobs she so desperately needed to let out. She pressed her back hard against the large statue to keep herself as out of sight as possible. The voice sounded like Gray Emerson. He was a nice kid, very hard to dislike. Definitely not somebody whom she feared.

She looked up to consider all of her options. She could reveal herself, or stay hidden. She looked to the bench she’d been passed out on. There was a black duffel bag underneath. Yes, and there was food and a weapon inside. She could even try to sneak away or attack if she wanted.

That wasn’t her. She had the option, but it wasn’t mentally or emotionally doable. The fact she’d even considered it as an option scared her. She pressed her fist harder against her lips to keep down her sobs.

It’s Grey. He won’t hurt you. You need to stop hiding before somebody who MIGHT comes along.

She let go of the sorrowed yelp. “I’m here.” Another sob. “One second.” She started to stand and came from behind the statue, hands slightly raised at her sides to show she wasn’t going to try anything.

“I…I just woke up and remembered… a few minutes ago.” She wanted to ask how he was, she wanted to talk about the situation, she wanted to find out if he spelled his name with an “a” or an “e”, but she just needed a few minutes to feel bad for herself.

She fanned herself to show she was trying to calm down. It was working too, but mostly due to denial. She used her palms and wrists to wipe her face and then wiped them on the back of her pants to dry them off.
“Let’s talk,” she let out the slightest laugh at the situation. “I’m glad I’m not alone, and I’m glad it’s just you.”
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