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Yasmin didn't feel safe in the slightest, which was why she was hiding under the teacher’s desk in the classroom she had woken up in. Her thought process wasn't functioning normally and she was scared. So she had done the only reasonable thing she could think of after she had woken up, she had hidden.

It wasn't a very good hiding place because if anyone walked around the desk they'd see her huddled beneath it. Having the hood on her hoodie up didn't help either since part of it was bright pink. She had her knees tucked in close and was hugging them with her arms. She could see her bag, the white letters reading G022 stencilled across it in bright white. Just a further reminder of the nightmare she was trapped in.

She hadn't even opened it, the only reason it was under the desk with her was because if someone saw it they'd know she had been in the room and Yaz's wish was that if anyone else was in the school they just walked past her. She didn't know what to do beyond hide though and that made her feel useless.

She knew what the terrorists wanted her to do; they wanted her to kill everyone else and be the last one standing. Then she'd be declared the 'winner'. Yaz already knew that she wouldn't be able to do that. For a start she didn't want to kill anyone, and even if she did she was the smallest person she knew, and there was no chance of her overpowering anyone.

She could feel the tears start to run down her cheeks. All she had wanted was to have fun with her friends in Disneyland, and now she was hiding under the teacher’s desk in an abandoned school taking part in SOTF. She could feel the cold metal of the collar around her neck and reached up to run her fingers along it, and then she gripped her necklace.

She had to get out from under the desk; the only issue was she didn't want to. Breathing deeply Yaz started to calm her down, and carefully crawled out from her hiding place.

G022 - Yasmin Carrol: Start

She picked her bag up once she was up and quietly lay in on the desk. Carefully opening it she saw a piece of paper fall out onto the desk. Picking it up Yaz read the words that were printed on it.

'Pillowcase Containing a Rock'

Yaz didn't get what it meant until she grabbed hold of an actual pillowcase. She tried to pull it out normally but it was stuck on something, so Yaz gave it a harder tug. It came loose but so did the first aid kit that had been on top of it, which skidded across the desk before flying onto the floor with a loud bang.

"Oh no."
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