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((G070 Katy Warren-Start))

Katy was wound as tightly as if she was in the finals of the Olympics.

She was seated at a desk in one of the buildings numerous classrooms. Her bag was at her feet, within reach of her. A muscle in her jaw twitched as she clenched and un-clenched. In her hand was one of the flashbang grenades the manual in her bag had so helpfully instructed her on how to use.

Katy had gotten past the "not believing" part of this experience to the "What am I going to do?" part. And in all honesty, she had no answers for that question. Daddy would've told her it's time to be strong, that she had more than enough fighting and self defense training, that this shouldn't be a problem.

But ultimately, Katy was abrasive. Not a sociopath. As far as she knew.

In a way, she was relieved by her weapon. They were meant for non-lethal self-defense. She was sure she could kill someone when it came down to it. Just not now. Not yet.

Katy touched the collar on her neck with her free hand. She had to stifle a snarl threatening to rise in her throat.
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