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"Well at least it looks like a nice place."

B007 - Gray Emerson: Start

The comment did nothing to help relieve the tension Gray was feeling. It had been worth a try.

Outwardly at least he looked perfectly calm. But inside he was freaking out. Gray had always been the more relaxed and calm one out of his friends, he was just good at keeping his emotions on the inside. It was proving harder to do give his current situation though. They had been dumped on an island and told to kill all their classmates and friends. They had even given Gray the perfect thing to do it with.

A gun. A Walther P99 to be exact, at least that's what the piece of paper, told him. Gray didn't know if it was right or not but he doubted they were lying considering the way they'd introduced themselves. He shuddered at the memory. This was really SOTF. Everyone had assumed it was gone for good.

As it turned it out it wasn't and the collar around Gray's neck was just further proof of that fact. The thing was solid metal and had no give at all. Not that he wanted to test that too much; Gray had heard stories about kids pulling their collars when they didn't want to carry on playing the game. Knowing that made Gray slightly nervous to touch the thing, he was fine bypassing his brains fear of pain but the fear of death was something else entirely.

Waking up had been a weird feeling as well, he'd almost head-butted his pack; according to the pack he was B007, which must have stood for Boy 7. It was a long way off from what Gray considered his lucky number to be but he hadn't dwelled on that. They had taken his phone and iPod, he didn't care about the phone too much because it had been old and dying but he would've loved to have music to listen to. They had even taken his headphones, at least he still had his beanie so thank god for small miracles. He took it off quickly to give it a quick check, brushing off some pieces of dirt and grass that had gotten stuck to it while he had been out cold. The stuff he had been given was pretty basic.

Some food, a flashlight, a map, compass and a first aid kit. Oh and the gun. The gun had been in there too, Gray packed everything else away but left the gun out, and he didn't quite know what to do with it. After all he had never actually held a gun before. Picking it up Gray bounced it in his hand; it was heavier than he thought it would be. He put it back down on top of his pack and stood up to take a look around. As he did so he felt his left leg lock into place.

"Ah...that's bad." Gray stumbled slightly as his body reacted to the lack of movement in his leg. It was probably caused by the fact he had been so still for so long, after all it had gone when he'd gotten off the bus and it would've locked in if he'd had the chance to get off the plane, so it made sense. "Hopefully this doesn't keep happening." He grunted as he pushed on the back of his knee to unlock his leg.

After lifting his knee up a few times to work out the stiffness Gray looked around properly. He was in a park that much was obvious; the gazebo with Christmas lights and a 'Just Married' sign was ominous though, as was the fountain and statue that he could make out. Everything was overgrown as well, the place was abandoned that much was clear.

Gray picked up the gun again and shrugged before stuffing down the back of his jeans like he'd seen people do in movies. He could only think of one other thing to do apart from that.

"Hey! Anyone else here?"
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