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Ghost Of Ravenstar
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Armed and Unsafe
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Question: What are your thoughts on gun control?

Gavin Hunter: "In a word; pointless. Trying to control guns is like trying to control the internet; just where do you start? Where can you start? America is a continent larger than Western Europe, with just as diverse a political and social landscape to account for. If you shut down gun trade in one state then it'll rise in those adjacent, and most of the increase will be from illegal sales. In my opinion the best way to curb gun-related illegal ventures in America would be to tighten ownership laws and background checks, then work with the legitimate dealerships to establish mutually beneficial partnerships. After all, a legitimate firearms dealer isn't going to appreciate some Mexican ex-con rolling into his distribution radius with a truck full of UMP45's and setting up shop in a basement somewhere. Actually, you know what? I'm going to take a walk, I'll be back in a few minutes, feel free to skip ahead of me."

Question: If you could implant one thought, image or command into the brains of the entire population of Aurora High School, what would you choose?
#B051: Gavin Hunter - Equipped with oh gosh a whole lot. "Well, we break for two months and I'm now suddenly in high definition..."

[08:46] Ghost of Ravenstar: I love the AF2011-A1 as it fits Gavin's perceived personality so damn well.
[08:47] Alex: Overcompensatory, unnecessary and appeals to what someone who watches anime obsessively would perceive as "cool?"
[08:47] Ghost of Ravenstar: BINGO!!!
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