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Hansel Responses!

I'm really sorry I'm about to say this, but I can see Megan being a "pity friend" with Hansel (or at least in one of the ways where it started out as a pity friendship). They're both from the South, so they have the geography thing going on (albeit completely different sections of the South, but work with me here). Obviously with his extremely close-minded views, he has a really hard time making friends, which I think would rub Megan in a "I feel sorry for this guy" way, getting past her own tendency to put up walls to reach out to him. She knows how to keep her opinions to herself, so I can imagine she'd make a good outlet for him. However, I think she would appreciate his art skills as that would be something she wishes she had. Plus, who doesn't like animals? The only problem is that she's pretty good friends with Theo, but at the same time she's friends with Mirabella, so I don't know how that would go.

Yes, yes and yes. Hansel wouldn't begrudge her her friends because he'd be happy to have one of his own, so I don't think there would be too many troubles there.

Added Megan as a friend for now, and I look forward to seeing if that stands up down the line.

How vocal is Hansel about things like his homophobia and such? The impression I get is that it comes up during conversations and such, but he won't go harassing students on a whim? Am I right in this?

You are correct! When pressed he'll state his opinion, but he doesn't soap box about it unless backed into a corner or if he's having a bad day.

I'm thinking Alex doesn't like him too much if his behavior does go out of line, or at least she gets annoyed that he doesn't talk too much in group discussions and then starts saying inappropriate things when he's made to respond.

Okay. I'm getting a moderate dislike to ambivalent feeling between the two, based off of that. I'll add her under "Dislike".


Agreed! Added under Hatred. :)

Miranda? Oh Hansel, what a bag of laughs. Miranda is a mean girl sort, and while she acts that way out of insecurity, she's probably been mean to Hansel before. He stutters, is all Texan-y, and thinks things that make people hate him. What more could you want in someone to be horrible to? I imagine some of his homophobia could strike close to home in some cases, seeing as Miranda's kind of a closet-case, but other than that... don't expect kindness out of Miranda.

Iiiiiiiiiinteresting! I like this, especially since it's twisted to be that Miranda's the antagonistic one. New and different. I'll add her under the Bad above. :)

Baxter Responses

As for Brandon...hmm. He and Megan don't really have anything in common, and I'm a little sure that she'd find him to be a really loud and obnoxious person. His history of having a bad temper and using physical force to his advantage doesn't help, either.

They also both struggled in math, so they may have shared a dislike of the subject. Beyond that, yeah, I'd most certainly agree with your summation. So I could see them as knowing of each other and agreeing to mutual avoidance.

As for Brandon, if he's taking his anger out on other students she's probably going to go "Hey! Stop that!". Alex herself can also be rather temperamental as well (though for her it's more because she tends to get passionate about things), so if they were to ever argue it would be glorious. I think she'd probably tolerate him otherwise, though, and perhaps even find some of his comedy routines funny.

A good, solid point. I think these too can forge some sort of a "Hey, how's it going?" thing. Be friendly without actually being friends, you know?

With Brandon, she'd know of him, since she's one of the more athletic students at the school (though wrestling, not football). I'm thinking that they'd know each other if they were to, say, both practice in the weight gym at once, and have probably had a few conversations which probably went fairly pleasantly.

I think we can make them share a mutual like, possibly even a light friendship with each other. Just shootin' the shit while pumping iron. :)

Brandon, if anything, would be more a friend of a friend. Miranda's one of the "popular crowd" students, and while I don't think Brandon applies, she'd probably be familiar with the football team members. She'd probably get annoyed at least at his temper, and roll her eyes at his jokester nature, though.

I think we can make this one somewhat "tolerant", maybe going into the territory of dislike. If she rolled her eyes at his jokes, he'd likely pick up on it and grump at her.

To confirm, Jill and Kami:

Hansel is adding:
Megan as a Friend.
Alex as a Dislike.
Lana as a Hatred
Miranda as a Dislike

Brandon is adding:
Megan as an Ambivalent
Alex as a Casual Friend
Lana as a Gym Buddy
Miranda as a Nuisance.
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