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I'm really sorry I'm about to say this, but I can see Megan being a "pity friend" with Hansel (or at least in one of the ways where it started out as a pity friendship). They're both from the South, so they have the geography thing going on (albeit completely different sections of the South, but work with me here). Obviously with his extremely close-minded views, he has a really hard time making friends, which I think would rub Megan in a "I feel sorry for this guy" way, getting past her own tendency to put up walls to reach out to him. She knows how to keep her opinions to herself, so I can imagine she'd make a good outlet for him. However, I think she would appreciate his art skills as that would be something she wishes she had. Plus, who doesn't like animals? The only problem is that she's pretty good friends with Theo, but at the same time she's friends with Mirabella, so I don't know how that would go.

As for Brandon...hmm. He and Megan don't really have anything in common, and I'm a little sure that she'd find him to be a really loud and obnoxious person. His history of having a bad temper and using physical force to his advantage doesn't help, either.
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