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I'm trying to figure out how Ian and Hansel might view each other. On the one hand, they technically share a lot of views. Ian is a devout Catholic, and leans conservative, feeling most strongly about the social issues. However, Ian takes almost the opposite path when it comes to talking with people about his beliefs. He tries to take the route of least conflict, while still defending his views. Basically, he enjoys a friendly, logical debate, whereas Hansel seems insecure and belligerent.

In other words, I could easily see them disliking each other, as Ian would be extremely frustrated by Hansel's destructive approach towards sharing his faith, while perhaps Hansel may feel that Ian's too willing to compromise. (Just editing to clarify that Ian doesn't actually compromise his views to get along, but given how strongly Hansel feels, he may see Ian's attempts at diplomacy to be effectively compromising. Just a thought, if you're interested in going this route.)

On the other hand, Ian's generally friendly, and wouldn't actually look for conflict. Also, seeing as how he's a fellow Catholic he may help Hansel feel less alienated. There'd still likely be a little tension in this case, as Ian would probably feel a need to try talking to Hansel about tact, which I doubt Hansel is likely to appreciate. Of course, it's up to you, as you'd know your character better than me.

That's just my 0.2, if you're interested? I'd imagine we could work this out several ways, depending on how you feel. Oh, and I suppose they could also potentially bond a little over a shared last name, if we decide on them being friends.

I think Chase would probably avoid Hansel due to his tendency to cause conflicts, but I don't think he'd really feel too negatively about him either, so not much to say here.
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