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Hey, gang.

This is more or less just a spot for me to keep the relationships that I've begun with people in order. That said, feel free to post here if you desire a spot with either of my characters.

Hansel Williams
The Cowboy. Hansel is a right wing conservative Catholic who has extreme views on most any topic that has to do with homosexuality, infidelity, the death penalty. As a result, he tends to dislike and alienate a great many people. Surly and quiet due to a stutter that he hides behind an impression of John Wayne, he's a hard friend to make and a harder friend to keep.

The Good
Ian Williams --- Friends
"Ian's a breath of fresh air. Could use more bite in 'em, but it's nice t'find a like mind now and again."
Megan Emerson --- Friends
"It's nice ta find a kindred spirit in all o'this. Even if she's got... odd taste in friends."
Joe Carrasco --- Friends
"'E don't got a lot o'backbone 'bout his religion, but I reckon any o' God's friends is a friend o'mine."
Maynard Francis Hurst --- Liked
"Vegetarians. Hah. Ridiculous s'what they are. Despite turnin' his nose at a good steak, Maynard ain't bothered me, and he gets animals almost as much as yours truly."
Sophie McDowell --- Liked
"I'll never understand paintin' over a solid piece o' charcoal, but Sophie's alright. Good head on her shoulders."
Juhan Levandi --- Liked
"Seems a good sort. Could see me hangin' out with 'im more regular."
Summer Simms --- Liked
"Bit too energetic fer my tastes, but I reckon she's nice enough."
Sven Olson --- Liked
"Sven has a long way t'go before he's redeemed. But he's a good fella. I'll be a good influence, I think."
Cassidy Kant --- Liked
"I enjoy 'er company. She's a good pal."

The Bad
Garrett Wilde --- Enemy
"Fuckin' mess is what this guy is. Him an' his hippie lovin', thesis swingin' grandfather."
Travis Webster --- Hatred
"Devil's got a strong hold on 'im. Most I can pray for is a quick arrest an' a harsh lesson."
Makatala 'Kam' So'oialo --- Hatred
"Ain't bad enough she munches rugs; 'stead she has to go matchin' that with a shitty personality."
Aileen Abdallah --- Hatred
"Christ. If there were one person I could strangle happily, it'd be this bitch."
Lana Torres --- Hatred
"So full o' shit, her eyes are brown."
Theodore Fletcher --- Dislike
"It ain't right. Ain't proper. 'Least most fairies got the decency to pick a gender."
Rose Matheson --- Dislike
"She don't even know the meanin' of virtue. Might as well wear velcroe pants."
Andi Victorino --- Dislike
"Dumb slut got herself knocked up. Begins and ends there, I figure."
Matt Vartoogian -- Dislike
"'E ain't got a damn clue about the world an' how it's run. He's already damned, just don't know it yet."
Miranda Millers --- Dislike
"High-and-mighty uptight bitch. Less said th' better."
Alex Ripley --- Dislike
"Somethin' jus' rubs me th' wrong way 'bout her."
Max Sawyer --- Dislike
"Asshole. Uptight, no good asshole. He can take his city money and poor attitude an' sit down hard on a picket fence."
Katherine Ryan --- Dislike
"Another pair o' spread thighs in a city filled with 'em. At this rate, th' pharmacist probably owns two yachts."

The Very Good
Mirabella Strong --- Crush
"Wha' about her? Nothin'. I don' have an opinion. Why, is she askin'?"

Brandon Baxter
The Jock. Brandon is a big, boisterous young man who loves being the center of attention. Known for his impressions and comedic timing, Baxter loves nothing more than to hit a few guys wearing full football gear in the morning, then settle down to imitate his classmates in the evening. Behind that large funny-man schtick, however, lies a temper that's legendary and a very thin skin. Brandon's one of those people that you befriend, because having him as your enemy is much worse.

Stand Up Guys and Gals
Cody Patton --- O Captain, My Captain
"Ahhh, Cody. There's nobody better to unwind with and shoot the shit after a hard day's work.
Lana Torres --- Gym Buddies
"Lana? Lana's a blast! You need someone else in the gym to get the competition goin', you know?"
Joey Caputo --- Fellow Gym Prowler
"Aw, I love the big beefcake. He's one tough nugget to keep up with in the gym, though."
Mike Eastmund --- Makes Great Shakes
"What's not to like about Mike? Solid player in the backfield, and he, you know, punches dudes for fun."
Owen Kay --- Decent Sort
"British as hell, but great conversation starter. Also pretty funny!
Alex Ripley --- Casually Friendly
"Well, yeah, I guess we say what's up in the halls, but I doubt we'll get each other Christmas cards."
Megan Emerson --- She's Okay
"Uhh, I think we both didn't like Math. Can't say she's ever crossed paths with me."
Sven Olsen --- Fellow Skirt Chaser
"Sven, da? Da, is good friend of mine. We drink wodka togezzer and chase ze women!"

The Pricks and Bitches
Miranda Millers --- Nuisance
"Does she know how much like a duck she looks when she's scoffing at me?"
Max Sawyer --- Easy Target
"You know, I lay awake at night wondering how many times he's sodomized himself with that club he uses to get that colossal stick up his ass. Any sport where you can drink and play, old buddy, is not a sport.
Joe Carrasco --- Belongs in a locker
"I take personal exception to Skeletor's presence. It's not enough that he looks like a zombie; he has to have the brain of one, too."
Andi Victorino --- Someone Slept With That?
"I'm just surprised that the spawn of some bitchy slave driver didn't fall out of her oven when that cake was finished baking."
Theo Fletcher --- Little Shit
"Useless as tits on a bowl. I don't care about Shrimpy's sexual preference, just his general presence."
Garrett Wilde --- Weird Dude
"This is the type of motherfucker that rubs philosophy on his junk when alone."
Gwendolyn O'Connor --- Don't Get Me Started
"What is it with these 'pussy-fest' kids, anyway? They're all 'Fight the power!' and then don't do anything!"
Francis St. Ledger --- Needs to Chill The Fuck Out
"If there was anybody more on their rag than Franky-boy, I've certainly yet to meet them."

How You Doin'?
Michelle Wexler --- She Rocks a Swimsuit
"There's very few things I like in this green Earth more than a brunette in tight swimwear.
Summer Simms --- A Lady on the Streets
"I think that if I ever got Summer out of the spotlight and into more... private circumstances, she'd probably be a tigress. A man can dream."
Katherine Ryan --- Why Yes, I've Hit That
"Ahhh, Kathy, Kathy, Kathy. We had some good times. Call me soon!"
Jaquilyn Locke --- Requires A 'Hands On' Approach
"Heh. Jaq's got a lot of style. She's an awesome girl to hang out with, and I'm glad we met."
Amy Bachelor --- What a Voice
"Don't tell anyone, but I am absolutely crippled by a British accent."
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