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Mirabella read over the eight pages of notes that she'd gathered through the tutorial. While she still wasn't entirely confident in the subject matter (something she considered a good thing - confidence led to failure, in her opinion), Mirabella thought that Alice had been able to make it make it a great deal more understandable.

"Oh, no...I don't think there's anything else I could possibly ask. Thank you for your time, Alice. I'm sure you've got plenty of other things to do, and I wouldn't want to hold you up much longer."

She began to deposit her school things back into her satchel and glanced at her watch in the process.

"Oh, cripes! It is quite late, isn't it. Well, I'd best be off. Thank you Alice!"

Mirabella smiled as she pulled her satchel over her shoulder, and gave Alice a small wave before vacating the classroom, returning to the empty hallways beyond. They seemed so unnatural without the hustle and bustle of other school students.

Right. Best start on rewriting those notes, then...

((Mirabella Strong continued in Historically Speaking))
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