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Alice blinked, somewhat bothered by being interrupted just as she had begun to pick up steam in her explanation. Mirabella's request for a pen was reasonable, at least, though Alice didn't understand why a unified color of pen in a notebook would be important. She tended to just grab whatever she had lying around. "Oh. Uh, sure, think I have a spare. Probably. One second."

Turning to rummage in her backpack, Alice spent a minute trying to track down an appropriately colored pen, muttering to herself as she did so. "Blue, pencil, blue, pencil, book- oh no, that was due yesterday- blue..." Giving up, she sat back up in her chair and shrugged at Mirabella. "Sorry, only got pencil and blue pens. Guess you'll have to deal with a bit of unbalance."

Trying to regain her lost train of thought, Alice paused for a second, examining her notebook. "Er, okay. Continuing from where we left off..." She said, then proceeded to resume her aborted explanation.
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