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"I'm glad you like it!"

Mirabella grinned as Alice accepted her gift and tucked it away. She hoped it would prove useful; the girl seemed like she'd be a voracious reader. She was happy to receive a compliment in return.

"A good student, huh? Really? That's really nice of you to say, Alice. Of course, most of it is due to your brilliant tutoring."

After a pause, Alice began to launch into an explanation of the perpetually confusing branch of mechanics that was kinematics. As she did so Mirabella scrambled to pluck a pen from her embroidered pencilcase in order to scrawl down a few notes. However, just a few words into her hurried transcription, the black ink began to peter out.

Oh, shoot! Ah...I can...uh...do...uh...something to...uh...

"Ack! My pen is running out. I don't suppose you have one I could borrow? Only...I've only got this one black pen, and I like all of my notes to be the same colour."

Bella glanced over at Alice and smiled, hoping that a grin would make her query a more tolerable one.
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