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"Kinematics? Alright, we'll start with that." Alice said, turning to the relevant section of her notebook. A relatively simple subject to explain, at least for her. Before Alice could begin talking, however, Mirabella presented the bookmark to her. Alice picked it up, gazing at it in awe.

S-so... cool!

Realizing that she had been staring at the bookmark for about half a minute, Alice slid it into her science textbook for safekeeping and smiled at Mirabella. "T-thank you very much. Er, glad to have been a help. You're a pretty good student, too."

Alice was still somewhat amazed by the gesture. It was a simple thing, but there had obviously been thought put into it. Alice hadn't really ever had someone give her a handmade gift as thanks for something she had done. That what she was doing was actually making a difference, was being appreciated, felt... nice.

After another brief, somewhat awkward silence, Alice adjusted her glasses. "Um. Alright. So, Kinematics..." She proceeded to launch into an explanation.
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