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Okay bumping this because I suddenly have a reappearing character in the works (hopefully) and most of her friends from the old posts have vanished from the site.

So, Alex needs both friends and people she really really hates. As before, anyone who acts vapid or thoughtlessly is likely to earn her fury, as is anyone who's in your face stuck up. Stupid people are an especially sore spot for her, but by all means anyone who's interested is welcome to return the hatred and/or gang up on her. It's all part of the human experience of being an asshole.

Slightly more importantly, I need Alex to have buddies. Stoners get bonus points because that's supposed to be the group she hangs out with. Just don't expect her to actually respect you all that much if you're a stoner, but she can fake liking you as much as she claims to most of the time so you might not have picked up on it.

Again, Alex is still in the process of getting approval so be prepared for any changes that may occur to that profile. I'm just trying to get a headstart here because pregame's only so much longer.
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