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As Alice put the finishing touches on her sketch, she noticed the classroom door opening. Glancing up, she saw Mirabella enter the room. After closing her sketchbook and unceremoniously tossing it in her backpack, Alice greeted her student as she sat next to her. "Uh, heya, Mirabella. Doing fine."

After a brief period of silence, Alice adjusted her glasses and looked straight at Mirabella. Outside of tutoring, Alice didn't really know Mirabella that well, so the few minutes before the session really started tended to be somewhat awkward.

Well, maybe that's just me. Haven't frightened her away or anything. Yet.

"So. Er. What do you need assistance with, today?" Might as well try to get things started. No sense in wasting too much time exchanging pleasantries. Once they started actually discussing science related things during a session, Alice felt a lot more at ease. She just wasn't very good at talking to people when not discussing subjects she was interested in. Small talk in particular was quite painful.
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