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((Alice Gilman: Continued from V = - ∫ E · dl))

Alice sat alone in the empty science classroom, idly sketching her surroundings. People never really paid attention to classrooms. Sure, they noticed the teacher, the board, other students, their desks. Remove all life from the room, though, and it changes into something else. Something a bit lonely, but dignified. Worthy of being immortalized in art.

Also, Alice didn't really have anything better to do as she waited for Mirabella to show up. That was a pretty big factor.

Alice had never really considered herself much of a teacher, but other students tended to ask her for help, anyway. She had to admit, it was nice to help others understand the subject she loved, especially when they took a genuine interest. Being able to explain complex subjects in an understandable way was a pretty important skill for scientists, too. Everybody won.

Except the idiots who blatantly asked to copy off of Alice's work, of course. Did they really expect to be able to freeload forever, feeding off the hard work of another? All they were really doing was committing academic suicide when tests came around. Anyone who simply wanted to get their grades higher with no effort had no place in a science classroom, dammit.

Mirabella wasn't like that, thankfully. The girl may not have had an excellent head for science, but she was sincerely interested in learning, and that's all that really mattered.

Alice continued working on her drawing while she waited for her student to appear.

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