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Naomi just sat still, looking mildly surprised as if she'd bitten into a chocolate-flavoured pastry and found out it was strawberry. Except in this case, it was finding out that the polite, handsome boy from her Math class was, well... not as nice as he pretended.

She only spoke after Paris made his comment about guys taking her out to new restaurants. As he walked away, she let out a deadpan "Oh no."

Once Paris was gone, she took her time finishing her coffee. It hadn't been the friendly meeting she'd been expecting. He'd tried to push the Bible on her, gotten a little bit mean when she pointed out that he was Bible-pushing, and then stormed out. His last words didn't even make sense. She had wanted to be here. At least until the Bible came up. He was the one who made it awkward.

Naomi smiled a little to herself as she finished off her coffee. All in all, he'd certainly helped remove the terrible disease that was teenage infatuation. So all in all, it had been time well-spent.

((Naomi Bell continued elsewhere.))
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