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Area: Amusement Park
Description: The amusement park hosted the best festivals on the island back when it functioned, full of carnival games and food stands with hundreds of the natives turning up to partake in the merriment. Now hosting its farewell event, it leaves little joy to be had. Although the rides are now in disrepair and have become nothing more than scrap metal, they serve as a reminder that people once celebrated on the amusement park’s hallowed ground.
Status: OPEN
Assigned Staff: MK Kilmarnock
Central Grounds
Haunted House
Roller Coaster

If you have any questions about or concerns regarding this area or any actions taking place therein, please contact the assigned staffer by PMing them. This staffer is in charge of keeping the sub-area description sheets up to date and accurate.
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Area Description: Amusement Park · Amusement Park