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"Hmm. I think I will. Wait until more people arrive, I mean."

Mirabella glanced towards the presents again. They looked so tempting...

"Ah...but, anyway...about what we're going to do. Well, I..."


"Well, I'm eighteen now, and I've...I've realised that the whole world will be open to me soon. Well, to all of us, really. This time next year...we won't be in school, we won't have French lessons or writing club meetings or tutorials or hurriedly copied homework as the teacher bares down upon us...this part of our lives is almost over, and I...we're not children anymore. So I thought that as we enter the initial stages of adulthood we should revisit our childhood activites. Y'know, hide and go seek, pin the tail on the donkey...it sounds odd, I know, but...we're never really going to have a chance to do those things again, are we?"

Well. That turned out to be a longer spiel than she had anticipated when she'd started it.

Breathless Bella. What father used to call me. Until mother interjected with "Mirabella the Multiloquent."

"And...the formal attire. My mother's insistence. She's quite the stickler for this sort of thing. I wouldn't have minded if you'd turned up in a t-shirt and slacks, really."


"So, anyone for mouse trap?"
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