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Megan sat on the empty couch, coffee in hand. "...Oh, I know...I just didn't want to barge in without saying anything...hehe." Megan's eyes darted around as she quickly took her first sip of the coffee. Did she really not know it wasn't Bella's birthday today? Just blame it on only being awake for like an hour, or being nervous or something...yeah, it's just nerves.

Maybe everyone was nervous; at least Bella seemed so, almost trailing off into some sort of self-deprecating rant about being prepared. Megan took a drink and chimed in, "I think you should wait to open presents, or at least until more people get here...not that I'm trying to dictate how you run your party or anything...just saying..."

Megan's eyes met with Rachel's as Megan took another quick sip; hopefully the "please agree with me unless you want 'A Very Neurotic Birthday' to go down" message would reach across the wall.
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