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Mirabella returned to her seat as Megan briefly vacated it to fetch herself a mug of coffee. With Megan having prepared herself a cup, it was likely that the pot would only sustain one more drink before she had to prepare a new batch. As Megan returned to the room, a mug in hand, Mirabella felt compelled to reflect on the greeting Megan had given as she entered the room.

"Oh, Megan, it's not actually my birthday today. It was on Wednesday. Mother always insists that we should devote an entire day to someone's birthday, and, well, with school and all, it usually falls on the weekend with me."

She smiled, glancing towards the two neatly placed presents. Both were similar in size; books, or something similar, no doubt. Given that her strongest connection with the pair was through literature-related activities, it seemed a natural gift choice.

Still, you could never be too sure.

"Uh...anyhow, yay! Presents! Uh...should we open them now, or wait until someone else shows up or...ah, I knew I should have thought this out more before today. I mean...not that I didn't plan anything..."

She blinked, rubbing the side of her neck. Today must be an off-day for her loquacious sensibilities.

"So...yeah. What do you want to do?"
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