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Rachael watched Mirabella go answer the door. She continued to sip her coffee quietly as Mirabella greeted the person at the door. Megan Emerson walked in, placing her gift on the table next to Rachael's. Megan didn't say anything to Rachael, but Rachael acknowledged her with a nod and a small grin.

Megan wasn't someone Rachael really knew in school. She knew Megan was into reading, but not much else. She wasn't someone Rachael seemed to have a whole lot in common with. Still, they had Mirabella as a tie, so that had to be good.

Rachael looked at the present Megan set on the table.

Did we both get Mirabella books of some kind? Well, as long as she didn't get her a journal, that shouldn't be an issue. Unless Mirabella is the type of person to burn through those really quickly. Or she could keep one as a diary and another as a notebook for story ideas.

Rachael took another sip of coffee. She wondered if anyone else would show up.
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