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Megan took a step inside the door, getting a better view of the room inside. Whoever was the interior decorator certainly had some taste, as there was no kitsch to be seen. Maybe it was just one of the parents' "things", like someone who keeps a clean house except turned up to 11. Megan herself couldn't imagine living somewhere so spotless, but it was always interesting to see how other people's homes were.

"I could go for some coffee, actually...oh, and happy birthday, Bella!" Megan presented the present to Bella. She looked for a place to set her gift bag down; upon seeing the other bag on the table, she set her gift beside it, taking care not to spill the coffee mug that also sat on the table.

It was then that she really noticed the other girl sitting down. Rachael Langdon. Although Megan never talked to her, she thought Rachael was a rather nice girl. Megan always pegged her to be one of those quiet people who put up walls around people they don't really know, kind of like Megan herself now that she thought about it. Anyway, it looked like Bella was able to chip away at the wall.

Deciding to not say anything for now, Megan made her way to the snack layout. It was quite a fancy spread for a fancy party, but she decided to save the food for later. Since this was the earliest she has been up on a day off for quite some time, a cup of coffee sounded really good. She poured some out from the depleting supply, and after being satisfied with the amount in the cup, went back into the living room to join the other girls.
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