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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Mirabella sat on the couch next to Rachael. Almost as soon as she did, Mirabella began to ask if Rachael was feeling uncomfortable about being there. She then began to list a few things they could do, such as playing games or doing yoga. Rachael held the cup of coffee from her mouth and took a long sip.

Did I somehow give her the impression I'm uncomfortable? I thought she asked me to sit here while we wait for others to show up. Oh great, I must come off as really timid. Is it because of how I'm sitting? Is my posture putting her off?

Mirabella then asked about the present sitting on the floor. Rachael moved her cup away from her mouth.

"Oh, y-yes, that gift is for you," she explained to Mirabella. "It's your birthday, so it only seems natural to bring a gift. And don't worry, I'm perfectly fi-"

Just then, the doorbell rang. Rachael quickly turned her head towards the front door.

Perfect, someone else is here. I wonder who it is?
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