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Ding dong

Megan drew back her hand and took a moment to take a deep breath. One nice, continuous breath, with one nice, continuous expelling of air to release all of the tension. After all, no one can be a classy lassy by being full of tension.

Megan was a little surprised to get that rather formal invitation from Bella. Despite being a good person to talk to about books or teaming up for group assignments, they really didn't do anything outside of a school setting. But there she was, getting an invitation to a fancy birthday party for one of her few female friends. Megan figured she sent out a lot of them anyway, but it made her feel good to be considered.

Although Megan hasn't had an opportunity to hang out with Bella outside of school, she figured today would be a nice change of pace. Twelve hours was probably pushing it a little, but she figured it would be fine if she left a little early. At least she would find out more stuff like how Bella lives in such a pimped out house.

Megan took one last look in the green gift bag, making sure everything was there. She really wished that Bella would find the humor in her gift of literature of Snooky's A Shore Thing or wished she even noticed the $20 Barnes & Noble gift card taped on the back of the front cover. Hopefully Bella wouldn't think Megan as being unoriginal with giving a gift card, but it was honestly the only thing she could think of.

Megan didn't really spend a lot of time to prepare besides the time to wait for the book to arrive from Amazon.com. She had picked out an old dress, but on her own birthday just the day before, she got a nice black dress with little white polka-dots and a black sashe. It was rather monochromatic, but who needs colors when you have fanciness?

Another deep breath...and okay. Time to be a fancy young lady for a fancy birthday party.
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